Infinitesima – Non-executive Director and Investor

Founded in 2003 from research in Mervyn Miles group at Bristol Physics department, Infinitesima has developed a high speed Atomic Force Microscope for use in Semiconductor Wafer Inspection. It has the ability to study high aspect ratio structures at very high speed under interferometric control and is used in Carl Zeiss Merit mask repair tool, and is being designed into ther Tools for use in EUV.

More about Infinitesima

Today’s nano-scale imaging solutions, such as AFM or SEM, suffer from long imaging times, the lack of 3D information or the restrictions of using a vacuum chamber. Rapid Probe Microscopy (RPM™) eliminates these restrictions by taking high-speed 3D images in the open atmosphere. The RPM™ has been developed to be compatible with existing semiconductor industry automated tools and replace or work along side existing imaging technologies.

Rapid Probe Microscopy (RPM) provides nano-scale images with information in less than a second. It is useful in numerous applications and all of the main market segments where nano-scale imaging and metrology is required.

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