Midaz – Chairman and Investor

Midaz was a developer and manufacturer of diode pumped solid state (DPSS) lasers, based on technology from Imperial College London Professors Mike Damzen and Ara Minassian.

Midaz developed a range of high power diode-pumped solid state laser products including one that was believed to be the world’s smallest, most efficient and highest quality at the time. It was proven to have high output power and high beam quality suitable for micro-machining applications and has the potential to be used in many other applications including inspection, medical and sensing applications. The laser’s low manufacturing cost made it a suitable replacement for industrial inkjets used in coding and marking products, removing the need for ink.

founded in 2006 from research in Mike Damzens lab at IC Physics dept, Midaz commercialised the very high gain laser designs for use in Laser marking. Midaz was acquired by Coherent Inc in 2009 a world leader in photonics based solutions.

Laser Focus World Article

Record high power diode-pumped alexandrite laser demonstrated by Midaz for ESA. Click here to read the article.